The Suites – the ideal flexible workspace at ICD Brookfield Place

01 February 2022

As we enter a brand new year, there can be no doubt that the way we work – and the environments in which we choose to work – have changed drastically in a short space of time. In today’s rapidly evolving world, a more flexible approach is required. Flexibility means different things to different people – and to different businesses too. The past year has given us the chance to re-examine the traditional workplace and adapt our offering to include flexible workspace.

The reasons for this change are two-fold. Firstly, there are the employees, many of whom expect a hybrid working model where their time is split between the office and home. As for companies, many are moving away from looking at real estate on a ‘per sq ft’ basis and rather focusing on a ‘value add’ basis, in terms of what a workspace offers overall and how this can benefit their employees and therefore profitability as a business. This is becoming increasingly important as we witness greater competitiveness in the war for talent post-pandemic.

This is where flexible workspaces come in, and the boom in their popularity is hard to ignore at this point. According to a CBRE report, the majority of large US businesses are opting for the “short-term flexibility provided by flex space for a portion of their office portfolios” and many are looking for “larger flexible office suites and enterprise offerings – entire sections or floorplans dedicated to individual companies on flex terms”. Another report from JLL found that 41% of tenants expect to increase their use of flexible workspaces as part of their post-pandemic workplace strategy.

With all of this in mind, we’re thrilled to introduce The Suites, our very own flexible workplace solution at ICD Brookfield Place. The Suites features small private offices set around stylish environments to inspire and engage your employees . A high-calibre work environment that’s synonymous with the Brookfield Properties name, The Suites has been designed by the award-winning LA based architects Marmol Radziner.

But what exactly do flexible workplaces offer, and what makes The Suites market leading?

Flexibility…of course

You might’ve guessed this one from the name. Workspaces such as The Suites come with far more flexible contracts than your typical office space, with leases ranging from one to three years. This is great news for businesses of all shapes and sizes: some might be planning to acquire additional office space for a short period of time, while others simply might not feel comfortable committing to a long-term contract. Then there are those established successful companies who might want a permanent home to thrive, or exciting new start-ups looking to upgrade from a co-working space. The Suites give credibility to all these types of businesses, who can benefit from working in the iconic ICD Brookfield Place and the opportunity to rub shoulders with top global banks, private equity houses and law firms.

Inspirational Design

The contemporary and sophisticated workspaces designed by Marmol Radziner give companies the opportunity of choice in where their employees want to be most productive. Teams can collaborate in the stylish and comfortable Lounge on level 30, or host a more informal meeting in the relaxed and cool Hub on level 29. For privacy, some may choose to book a meeting room or use their own office. Through real estate, The Suites gives the tenant ownership to create bespoke experiences for their employees.

The Suites provides a platform for companies to create a sense of identity and credibility by benefitting from the beautifully designed environment and high calibre of tenants in ICD Brookfield Place as a whole.

Simplicity - ‘plug and play’

For those looking to lease their own permanent office space, it can often take months or even years to negotiate and sign a lease, design the space itself, fit and install the technology ready for you to move in. With The Suites, there’s no need to stress as the space is fitted and furnished, with high speed, secure ring-fenced WiFi, and ready to move into from day one – we like to call this the ‘plug and play’ office. This means you and your employees can move in effortlessly and focus on your core business, rather than spending many frustrating hours just trying to connect to the internet.

Partnership - working together, hand in hand

Those that choose to work at The Suites don’t just get access to a state-of-the-art office environment – they also benefit from a personalised, 24/7 management experience. Rather than simply letting you get on with using the office space, we prefer working closely with you as partners every step of the way to meet the evolving demands of your business.

Extra perks of working at ICD Brookfield Place

Not every flexible workplace can claim to be situated in such a desirable, sustainable and high-quality building, but The Suites certainly can. ICD Brookfield Place is renowned for its forward-thinking approach to the typical office, and occupants of The Suites get to reap the rewards that come with that. Our high-end security system throughout the building offers carefully controlled access to the workplace, and our dedicated networks are designed and built to the highest compliance requirements. We’re also the largest building in the region with a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification and are also WELL Health & Safety-rated, so you can rest assured that any sustainability and wellness goals are met here.

We also have a strong focus on arts and culture at ICD Brookfield Place through our placemaking programme. From the curated collection of middle eastern art within The Suites to exhibitions in our Summer Garden that are open to all, to Niche, the vibrant cultural hub of our building that hosts a variety of workshops to boost occupants’ mental health, we have something for everyone here.

And let’s not forget that ICD Brookfield Place, in the heart of DIFC, is the region’s premier lifestyle and business destination, so you’ll never need to go far for great entertainment once you’ve clocked off for the day. From world-class establishments like The Arts Club and The Guild, to Lulu & The Beanstalk’s wine and tapas bar this is so much more than just another workplace.

Whether a well-established business or a start-up looking for their first base to call home, The Suites has everything your business needs to thrive and meet your goals in 2022 and beyond. Combine that with the benefits of working from one of the leading lifestyle destinations in Dubai, and you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t move in sooner.

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