Generascope by Jason Seife

March 04 2022 - April 04 2022

Generascope is a first of its kind physical/digital exhibition merging years of artist Jason Seife's hand painted images with a reflection algorithm to present the works in a new and exciting way. In this collaborative effort with technology, the exhibition aims to blur the boundaries between how we interpret analog and digital art. The exhibition features large scale digital animations, paintings and limited edition prints.

Seife’s paintings are meticulously crafted simulacrums of his oscillating mental states: different colours correlate to the different moods of the artist as he undertakes the therapeutic process of weaving his emotional state into an encoded tapestry. The inspiration for Seife’s work is based around the notion that we can reinvent the past using modern day materials and compositions, allowing the excellence of an old craft to be admired by a younger generation. Seife was inspired by both his own Middle Eastern heritage and the complex artistic practice of Persian rug weaving. The original designs are laden with hidden meaning and language; the weavers were able to link each rug's particular pattern, palette, and style with a specific and identifiable geographic area or community.  Seife’s influences span the realms of art, architecture, performance and music.


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