Kid's Takeover at ICD Brookfield Place!

September 14 2023 - October 13 2023
8.00 am - 8.00 pm

Kids Takeover at ICD Brookfield Place is a children-led exhibition curated by Gulf Photo Plus. The initiative began with a photography workshop which allowed children aged 7-10 years old the opportunity to roam free through ICD Brookfield Place. The subsequent exhibition introduces a glimpse into their uninhibited creativity and playful spirit. 

Armed with disposable cameras, these budding photographers explored the shiny office building, a world otherwise reserved for adults, through their lens. In this exhibition, the young artists share their interpretations of the building, challenging our understanding and daily interactions with the space. The images bridge a visual dialogue between the glass confines of ICD Brookfield Place and the whimsy of a child's imagination. From hilarious outtakes to surprisingly artistic shots, every frame tells a unique story.