April 01 2023 - May 20 2023

We are pleased to announce the open call for submission for the second edition of annual graphic design and poster exhibition and competition - Tasmeem. This annual exhibition of graphic art will be selected through an open call and aims to expand the discourse and display of graphic design for upcoming and established regional talent. The exhibition will be open to visitors starting from June 1st.

The poster is quintessential to the practice of graphic design; it is an archetype of printed visual communication and omnipresent in the visual world we inhabit. By extension, the poster represents the time and place in which it was produced. The poster is more than a temporal remnant, however. It is a catalyst, having influenced the ways in which societies develop. It is a medium for informing, swaying, and entertaining. It is a conveyer of information, but also a playground; the site of experimentation and excavation for curious designers.

Physically, it is ephemeral by nature, but it also has the potential to reverberate through time and space, and across history. The printed poster has maintained its cultural relevance even in this digital age. The role and appearance of posters morph continuously over the years to accommodate the changing needs of those creating them and the desires of those who look at them.

We are seeking submissions from all regional design practitioners, design thinkers, type designers, and design students. 12 selected artworks will be displayed during the exhibition taking place in June at ICD Brookfield Place. The chosen artists will also be awarded AED 1,000.00 and one amongst the 12 will also be given the opportunity to join the selection committee in Tasmeem’s third edition.

For it's second edition, Tasmeem presents 'De-sign Scrapyard'.

An ode to lost ideas, unfinished thoughts, and could-have-beens. (design as de-sign: rethinking the process)

An invitation to give former designs a second breath of life, one detached from their initial context and content, but still very much from the same starting point. They become clues to new investigations.

How do you reflect this process of repurposing? By methods of creating new meanings, composition, scale, shape, form, energy – you can retell a story with a different ending.

Exploring design as reconfiguration, how can you retell a story with a new ending? If you could take your former thoughts, illustrations, type treatments, or designs as a starting point, what would your poster say now?

We are seeking sumbissions from all regional design practitioners, design thinkers, type designers, and design students.

12 selected posters will be exhibited at Tasmeem, at ICD Brookfield Place. Selected artists will be awarded AED 1,000.00.

The exhibition will be held in June 2023.

Submission Guidelines --

Title(s) of Work / Any language / Dimensions: 61cm x 91cm 300dpi

  1. What was your starting point?
    Submit a copy the original design, drawing, or thought that was left behind in favor of repurposing your final submission.
  2. Where are you now?
    Submit the final version of your repurposed artwork.
  3. Tell us about the lifecycle of your poster.
    A short description of the work. How and where did it start? What are some important reflections throughout the process of retelling/ repurposing the design?

Design Prompts --

  • How can you reinterpret, retell, reposition your past work – how can your new work reflect on and respond to past versions of itself?
  • How can you take an older piece of work, or a new piece of work and have it answer a question no one asked? What story does it have to tell?
  • If your poster could respond to its past iteration, what would it say?
  • How can you take things apart and put them back together to give your poster a new perspective?
  • Investigate what you throw away: How can you transform the forgotten and ignored into the core of a new work?
  • Question the stigma of reusing old work. Revisit your own personal archive of designs to repurpose. Is it archival, an artifact, or an act of resistance?


This year's open call was developed by Designer and Artist Mariam AlZayani and Tasmeem was conceptualized by the ICD Brookfield Place Arts program to encourage creativity in the region. The exhibition’s selection committee members consist of a diverse group of renowned professionals, each bringing their considerable experience to the table. The committee includes Special Projects Director at Alserkal Advisory Fiza Akram, Graphic Designer, Calligrapher and Winner of Tasmeem’s first edition Ibrahim Khamayseh; Designer and Researcher Imad Gebrayel; Multidisciplinary Visual Art and Design Studio Turbo; and Independent Design Studio 40MUSTAQEL.