Dastaangoi Gallery: The North

August 24 2023 - September 23 2023

The North leads the viewer on a journey to the intersection of the world’s three tallest mountain ranges -the Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindu Kush as an opportunity to witness the compelling narratives woven into Pakistan’s breathtaking landscapes and mountain ranges. 

These stories illustrate the harmful impacts of climate change on our natural world. Once-glacial peaks, a defining feature of these mountains, now gradually withering away, causing calamities that ripple not only within Pakistan but also far beyond its borders.

In 2022, the echoes of climate change materialised in the form of flash floods, affecting 33 million people. With over 1,700 lives lost, and a toll of more than 2.2 million houses damaged or destroyed. The catastrophic consequences submerged one-third of the country into water.

The recent floods are a reminder of the need to address climate change and its effects. As climate change continues to pose an existential threat, it is imperative for the global community to take collective action to protect vulnerable communities, preserve ecosystems, and build a sustainable and climate-resilient future.

The North follows the journey of three artists from the prestigious Florence Academy of the Arts: Austrian painter Louis Szápáry, Finnish-American painter Saara Knapp, British painter Phoebe Stewart Carter, along with the Dastaangoi team. Their perspectives uniquely frame the narratives interwoven within these landscapes.


Dastaangoi Gallery spotlights contemporary art from the Global South. We find and nurture talent through our residency initiative and promote emerging artists around the world.

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Saara Knapp (1994) is a Finnish-American artist based in Florence, Italy and the Hudson Valley of New York, USA. After completing a degree in Biological Anthropology and Evolutionary Studies in 2016, she now uses her scientific and analytical background to help her navigate, transcribe, and translate the world around her with her artistic works. She graduated from The Florence Academy of Art’s full-time painting program in December of 2021, and now works out of her Florence-based studio, painting landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and figurative works. Along with her painting practice, she regularly teaches painting at The Florence Academy of Art. 

Saara's works can be found in private collections in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, and she has participated in exhibitions in the USA, Europe, and Asia. She has also received commendation in international art competitions including the Art Renewal Center Salon. 

Artist @saarakart

Phoebe Stewart Carter was born in England, and grew up between the UK and USA. Stewart Carter received academic art training in the UK and Italy which, armed her with an invaluable set of representational skills and opened the doors to an expanse of artistic knowledge of which she continues to build upon. 

After completing her education, Stewart Carter spent a year as artist in resident and teacher at the Florence Academy of Art. She is currently living and working in Gloucestershire, England as an independent artist and exhibits in the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Artist @phoebestewartcarter

Louis Szápáry was born in Austria in 1993 and split his school time between there and the United States until he was 18. In 2018 he received a Masters Degree in Fine Art with a specialisation in Printmaking from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Louis went on to study painting at the Florence Academy of Art, where he graduated in early 2022 and remained as a graduate in residence, teaching part-time and working on personal projects and commissions.

Artist @louis_szapary